Wondering if an RRSP loan is right for you?

RRSP Loans Available

With interest rates being at record lows, maybe you should consider taking out a loan to maximize or top-up your RRSP contribution. You can get your loan quickly and directly through us. The RRSP loan proceeds can be invested in any RRSP eligible investment.

Consider these additional benefits:

1. Help achieve your retirement goals faster

With an RSP loan you can invest a greater amount upfront and your investments will have more opportunity to benefit from compound returns.

2. Maximize your unused RRSP contribution room

Catch up on unused RRSP contribution room to help ensure sufficient savings at retirement

3. Make a larger tax-deductible contribution

An RSP loan can help you make a larger contribution to your RRSP

4. Save now. Pay later

We can offer you deferral payment options of up to 180 days plus flexible payment terms of 1 to 10 years

Get Started

Calculate the benefit of borrowing for an RRSP contribution. With the immediate tax deduction and the tax free growth you can determine the right amount to borrow to help achieve your retirement goal.

Then you can decide on the type of retirement products that’s best for you.

RRSP Loan Planner

Here’s where we can help!

We prepare and then review a retirement analysis to help you determine the right amount to borrow and then, we help you decide on the best options for investing your RRSP.

Important Notice

Investment loans are offered through B2B Bank, a subsidiary of Laurentian Bank.
Visit the B2B Bank website to find out more.

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